A Note To Readers: An Acknowledgement That I Have Been MIA

I have not written a blog post since late September and if I’m being honest, I have had absolutely zero motivation to write anything. I have felt no calling to write lately and felt no passion. Interestingly enough, this is something I have noticed in other creators — particularly YouTubers — over the course of 2020. Maybe the feeling came from dealing with COVID-19 and all that is happening in my country, America, or maybe it came from adjusting to life as an actual adult. Whatever the reason, I am finding that I am no longer content with avoiding my blog.

From personal experience and in my own professional expertise, I understand it is important to not force anything onto ourselves. By forcing ourselves to do things that we do not enjoy, we place unnecessary pressure on ourselves and set ourselves up for failure; however, I do believe that there are times where we have to seek the motivation and passion we once had.

For example, when someone develops depression, they may not be interested in old hobbies or have the motivation/energy to participate in hobbies or with friends/family. Something that I use in my professional practice is to encourage those who feel this way to engage in something called behavioral activation. Behavioral activation is a form of behavior therapy in which an individual sets goals for the week and considers ways to achieve those goals. Along with this, I highly encourage individuals to think of three activities that can either lead them towards the goal(s) or activities that they once enjoyed. The individual will do these activities three times a day — morning, noon, and night. By doing this, we hope the act of doing will begin to increase motivation and help achieve goals.

I write all of that to express that this is what I plan to do with both my blog and Instagram. I have not been highly active on either, but I know deep in my heart that this is something I do enjoy and am passionate about. All the things I write and post about are important to me, and are things that I want to share with others.

With that said, I intend to be posting more and I hope that each individual who reads this post will find some hope to achieve their own goals and set new goals. I am praying for each of you, as well as praying that my own inspiration and motivation will once again spark. I plan to remain open and honest on this platform, as well as Instagram, about this process. Thank you to those are who still subscribed and I hope that you will continue to read along with me!

Life Updates

Since September, there has not been much occurring in my life. Although not too much has happened, I do want to share a few updates.

First, I finally had a wedding reception. As you may know from a previous post about getting married during COVID-19, my dream wedding did not happen and we did not have a reception after our ceremony in March. During September, though, we were able to plan a reception, safely outside and socially distanced. We even created masks as wedding gifts for guests with our wedding hashtag.

The wedding reception was wonderful and we had such a fun, genuine night with loved ones. Below I will share a photo from that evening. You can find more on my Instagram!

You may remember my Goldendoodle, Tucker. We also celebrated his first birthday, which was very exciting! And he is now fully house broken, which is AMAZING for us. Both of our dogs are currently in good health and we have been enjoying every moment we can with them.

Aside from our wedding reception, the only other big thing we did was celebrate Christmas. It was a beautiful, white Christmas and we were extremely thankful to spend it together as a newly married couple! We were also grateful to share safe moments with our loved ones for the holiday as well.

I hope that you, dear reader, have had a wonderful past few months as well! Remember, if you ever need to chat, I’d be happy to talk! Simply send me a DM.

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