20 Starter Self-Care Ideas

Living a healthy lifestyle is not only about eating well, exercising, and drinking lots of water. Yes, all three of those things are important to do, but there is another necessity for a healthy lifestyle: self-care.

We have all heard the phrase that you cannot pour from an empty cup, and I would argue that this is true. The moments where I have neglected myself, allowed myself to fall to the end of my priority list, my relationships, my job, and my faith all hurt. Because I had not poured anything into myself, I had not been able to show up as well for other people and aspects of my life. In order to present our best selves for the people we love and other things, we must care for ourselves.

If you are thinking that you may feel guilty because you do self-care, I want to counter that though. Would it make you feel guilty to spend time brushing your teeth? Doing the laundry? Taking a shower? Maybe, but most likely your answer is no. These things are important, but so is your mental health!

Curious how to get started with self-care? Here is a list of 20 ways to experience self-care.

  1. Find your favorite soap, candles, and music and hop in a bubble bath!
  2. Read a book for 30 minutes.
  3. Take a walk or go for a run. Do not worry about setting a goal for this exercise — simply enjoy the experience.
  4. Find the coziest place inside or outside of your home and sit. Sit and do whatever you enjoy. Coffee? Wine? A good book?
  5. Order dinner to go. Take a night off from cooking and order something you love!
  6. Try a new hobby.
  7. Journal, draw, or do anything that allows creative expression.
  8. Go for a drive without a destination in mind. And if you end up with ice cream or donuts, do not judge yourself.
  9. Speaking of ice cream and donuts, gift yourself the experience of eating your favorite food or drinking your favorite drink.
  10. Wear an outfit that you feel beautiful in!
  11. Watch the sunrise or sunset.
  12. Take a hike!
  13. Play with an animal. If you do not have an animal of your own, visit a friend or even visit the Humane Society!
  14. Go to bed early or sleep in.
  15. Buy something you like! Something that is not a necessity, but simply brings you joy.
  16. Have a spa night at home. Or visit a spa if you’d like!
  17. Write a gratitude list.
  18. Take photographs! Take some outside of nature, of people you love, your pets, or even yourself.
  19. Bake a yummy treat!
  20. Dance/sing! And don’t worry about not being good at it; do it for the joy!

It is my hope that this list will be helpful for someone! If you’d like to swap self-care ideas, follow me on Instagram. I’d love to hear from you!

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