My Favorite Author and Books To Read

Ruth Ware is a British psychological crime thriller author. She has written several astounding novels to date and has another set to release in September (US) and November (UK). Each novel follows a fast-paced storyline, detailing the events of a mysterious nature. Although Ware has written several psychologically thrilling novels, each is vastly different from the other. You will never tire of reading a novel by Ruth Ware.

If you are a lover of crime, psychological thrillers, and/or mystery, Ware is the perfect author for you! With that said, what books can you read by Ware?

The Lying Game

One text message reunites four friends who vowed to keep one promise when they were younger. In this psychological thriller, you will follow the story of four friends as their darkest secret is about to come to light.

As you read this book, you will find yourself flipping through the pages, eager to answer the countless questions pacing through your mind. But you will not discover the truth until Ware wants you to.

The Death of Mrs. Westaway

Follow the story of Harriette Westaway whose life changes one day when she receives a piece of mail, sharing that she has just came into an inheritance from her grandmother. The trouble, however, is that Hal’s grandparents have already passed away.

Embark on a journey with Hal as you constantly try to decide if she will deceive these people and take the money, or if she will tell the truth. And what lies in wait for her depending on her choice?

The Turn of the Key

Rowan finds herself becoming a new nanny for a very wealthy and tech-savvy family. This is the perfect job for her, except for the fact that Rowan is hiding one thing that no one can find out, especially the family she is now employed under.

By the end (and NOT a spoiler), Rowan finds herself behind bars for murder. Although she has skeletons in her closet, being a murder was not, and is not, one of them.

The Woman in Cabin Ten

Step aboard the luxury cruise ship with Lo, the journalist. However, your stay on the ship will not be very pleasant. Follow along as Lo tries to determine what happened that one night when she heard a blood-curling scream from another room.

Did she make a mistake or is she trapped onboard with a murderer?

In a Dark, Dark Wood

Nora has not seen her old friend Clare in a long time, until one day she receives an invitation to Clare’s hen party. Reluctantly, Nora decides to go and everything is fine until something goes wrong. Horribly wrong.

Walk through the dark, dark wood with Nora as her past catches up with her in this riveting novel.

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