Story Time: I Experienced God’s Power On I-75

Have you ever experienced a moment where you just know that God was with you? A moment where, without God’s hand, you can’t explain it? If you have, you understand just how powerful those moments are. You understand how those moments can totally shift and shape your faith — how those moments can make your faith even more powerful.

Well, I recently encountered one of those moments.

Last Friday my husband and I visited the nearby town, which is about twenty minutes away. If you wish to visit this town, the quickest way is to travel on the interstate. I am not shy to the interstate, as I have to travel on that highway daily to get to work; however, I will admit that it has always made me a bit nervous when it is pouring down rain. Anyways, my husband and I traveled along the interstate safely on Friday afternoon. We visited a friends house to pick up a package and headed back to our town. We were only one mile on the interstate when it happened.

We hit water. Water that had been deeper than I’d expected. I began to feel my car shift, but I thought like so many times before I would be able to gain control of the wheel again. Well, I was wrong. I lost control. I let off the gas and held onto the steering wheel as tightly as I could. As the car spun around 180 degrees, I kept thinking to myself that it wasn’t really happening. There was no way that my car was actually spinning on the interstate. There was no way I was about to be involved in a serious car accident. Moments later, my vehicle slid sideways — still facing oncoming traffic — from the slow lane all the way over to the median. As we slid, I began bracing myself for impact. I recall telling myself to prepare for pain. And then we hit the median. But not only did we hit it, the bottom of the car had wedged itself on top of the median. Suddenly, we were up on two wheels. When I glanced over my shoulder, I saw blacktop way too close to my window. I panicked, but thankfully my husband remained calm. He told me not to move. And I listened. Somehow, the car dropped back down onto all four wheels.


How did we not get hit by oncoming traffic? How did I not hurt someone? How did I not hurt my husband? How did the car not flip? How did the car settle back down on all four wheels? How did we walk away without a scratch?

You may have a physical or science answer, but that is not my answer. My answer is God.

In those moments where you lose all control and power, you feel what it is truly like to humble yourself in the eyes of the Lord. And in those moments where the situation could have been much worse, you begin to realize His power. You also begin to realize His love.

Friend, you may be able to find a reasonable explanation to this incident, but I simply cannot. I believe in my heart that God was protecting us during that car accident. I know that He was. I believe that God shows up for us in various ways throughout our lives and that if we truly sit down and reflect for a moment, we can begin to realize those moments when He was with us, protecting us, even if we did not realize it in the moment.

Situations like this car accident emphasize the weight of God’s role in our lives. It shows us that although we may not be able to physically see or hear Him, He is there. Matthew 28:20 reads, “I will be with you always, until the end of the age”, and I wholeheartedly believe that this is truth.

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