My Top Two Psychological Thrillers

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We all love a good psychological thriller, whether it’s a movie or a book. Lucky for you readers, I have narrowed down my favorite psychological thriller books to the top two! Without further ado, I’d like to welcome you into the worlds of The Silent Patient and The Woman in the Window. 

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides

Alicia Berenson’s life as a famous painter appears to be perfect until one night when her husband is found shot dead. After her husband, Gabriel’s, tragic death, Alicia refused to speak again. Alicia, becoming the silent patient, is hidden away from the spotlight at a psychiatric unit in North London. She remains hidden until a criminal psychologist, Theo Faber, decides to work with her in an effort to begin unraveling the mystery behind what happened the night of Gabriel’s death and why Alicia has chosen to remain silent since.

This novel, which is actually Alex Michaelides debut novel, is full of unexpected twists and turns! As you read this book, you may know (due to the fact that it is a psychological thriller) that there will be a huge twist, but as a lover of this novel, I would be willing to bet that you will struggle to accurately guess the twist.

Alex Michaelides navigates the sensitivity of mental health topics within this novel in a spectacular and admirable way. He weaves the story in a subtle way that constantly keeps the reader on their toes, guessing along the way.

The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn

Anna Fox lives alone in New York City, where she spends the majority of her time drinking wine, watching old movies, and of course, peeking at her neighbors. When the Russell’s move in nearby, things begin to take a turn. Anna witnesses something dangerous, but begins to question what is real and if anyone is in danger.

This novel, which is also in the making of becoming a major motion picture, was absolutely wonderful! It is a novel that, similar to The Silent Patient, keeps you on your toes. In this novel, the reader is left wondering if what Anna is witnessing is actually true or if it is merely a figment of her imagination. Is Anna witnessing the truth or is she crazy? As a reader, this is a question that I pondered continuously as I read.

A.J. Finn integrates mental health into this novel in a wonderful way, highlighting the struggle that individuals truly face, especially pertaining to the persecution faced by society. Due to a mental health condition, police officers and neighbors refuse to believe Anna’s story to the point that it begins to make both her and the reader question Anna’s sanity.

As I do not want to spoil anything for you, I will not share whether or not Anna knew the truth or if she was imagining things. However, I will share that this book is absolutely fantastic and should be one placed on your list of books to read!

2 thoughts on “My Top Two Psychological Thrillers

  1. Two nice, quick reviews. Are you excited about the movie? What’s your preferred format for reading: ebook or physical copy?


    1. Thanks! And I am very excited about the movie. I do always get a bit nervous, though, considering if they will take out pieces of the book that I particularly enjoyed. And as for format, I definitely prefer a physical copy! What about you?


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