When God Led Me Out Of My Comfort Zone


Okay, let’s be real: God leads me out of my comfort zone constantly. 

For years, I would become upset when I realized I was being forced to step out of my comfort zone. If I had to present a project in class, if I had to attend an event alone, or even if I had to call a credit card company, I’d freak out. The simplest of tasks were overwhelming to my younger self.

The younger me feared so many things. The younger me didn’t understand how to navigate the world on her own and she was terrified of even attempting to do so. So, instead of following her own path, she decided to follow the path of others. Rather than becoming her own person, finding her own values and morals, she chose to adopt the values and morals of the people around her.

But God didn’t seem to like that idea.

Nope. God wanted that young, naive, insecure girl to become a strong, independent woman.

Therefore, he forced me out of my comfort zone. A lot.

God forced me into many, many, many situations where I would be alone. He forced me into corners where I had no option but to confront the problem that was facing me. He guided me through hurt and heartbreak. He helped me navigate undergrad and graduate school.

And just like how the words I used to describe God’s behavior became softer, so did the way I viewed stepping out of my comfort zone. At a certain point, it was no longer as if I were being forced — it were as if I were using a stepping stone.

Each moment where God pushed me out of my comfort zone has paved the way for a new challenge. Every difficulty I have faced has made me stronger so that I can handle the greatest difficulties on the road ahead.

Although the path has been rocky, although I have loathed it and have questioned God about why He was making me do these things and feel these ways, I can now begin to see His idea. I can now begin to understand that He was preparing me. It’s kind of like how the mother bird will kick her baby bird out of the nest. The baby bird may be fearful of leaving the nest, but once he is kicked from the nest, he learns that he can fly.

Leaving your comfort zone can be terrifying, but after going across enough stepping stones, you learn that you have wings to fly too.

2 thoughts on “When God Led Me Out Of My Comfort Zone

  1. Love this!!!! I think we all can absolutely relate and I most definitely been kicked out of the nest more times than not. Lol and I’m pretty sure there will be more times ahead too!!! Thank you sister for this amazing reminder.

    Liked by 1 person

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