Can I Stop Pretending To Be A “Good Christian” Now?

An open letter to the single woman on valentine's Day (1)

“Waiting to come to the Lord when you get your life cleaned up is like waiting to go to the ER when you stop bleeding. He doesn’t love some future version of you; He loves us in our mess.” -Unknown 

Simply by scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, you can find examples of a “good Christian”. You’ll find photos of girls reading their Bible, which is neatly posed near a cup of coffee and looks more stunning than any photo you’ve ever taken. You’ll find lengthy scripture-filled posts that shows this person knows the Bible cover-to-cover. You’ll find posts discussing how people have turned their lives completely to Jesus, how they serve others’ before themselves, and everything else in between.

But there is one thing you don’t see: The mess.

Being a Christian is not easy. There, I said it. Yes, I love Jesus. I am extremely thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made for me, and I love pouring through God’s Word in the Bible. But if I’m being honest, I have to say that being a Christian isn’t always easy.

Moreover, I’m not always a “good Christian”. 

Not being a “good Christian” doesn’t mean that you take Jesus’ sacrifice for granted. It does not mean that you sin freely with the knowledge that you can be forgiven; it doesn’t mean that you take advantage of the gift that God has given you.

However, it does mean that you mess up. Not being a “good Christian” means that sometimes you don’t find yourself living up to the standards that you see others’ portraying. 

Sometimes you doubt God’s plan for you.

Sometimes you curse.

Sometimes you reach for the bottle instead of your Bible.

Sometimes you complain before you pray about it.

Sometimes you go days, or even weeks, without reading in the Word.

Sometimes you forget to pray.

Sometimes you simply aren’t a “good Christian”. But guess what? That’s okay. It is okay that we mess up. It is okay that we are less than perfect.

Do you know why? Because God never expected us to be perfect. God knows the people that He created. He knows that we can never live up to a standard of perfection — that’s why He sent Jesus, the one and only sinless person to ever walk the earth, to die in our place.

God’s love is not based on performance. God’s love is placed on you. God wants you, all of you. He wants the good, the bad, and the ugly. God knows your heart. You don’t have to always be a “good Christian” for His love.

So, if you ever find yourself not being a “good Christian”, don’t feel like you aren’t good enough. You are always good enough! Offer yourself the same grace that God has given you. Allow yourself room to make a mistake. Own up to the mistakes you make and simply try better next time.

Never stop following Jesus or doubting Him because you don’t always live up to the expectations that come with being a “good Christian”.

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