The Importance Of Supporting Your Partner


This morning, I woke up to a text that read:

“You are so beautiful and amazing and I applaud your determination. You are so much stronger than you think and when something comes at you, you deflect and keep going. I am so lucky to be with such a wonderful woman and I felt like you needed to hear that because you are hardly reminded.”

First, I want to acknowledge how blessed I am to be marrying such a kindhearted and devoted man. Chris has been my best friend for three years. We met during a time we were both facing uncertainty about who we were, what we would do with our lives, and even our faith. But throughout those three years, we have found who we are and who we want to be, we have grown in our faith together, and we have fallen in love.

But the reason why I am writing about this text is to emphasize the importance of supporting your partner. Through reading the text message above, I captured a glimpse of what supporting your partner looks like but it’s actually much more than that.


When you are in a committed relationship, you become a “we”, but a lot of individuality remains, as it should. We all have our passions and we are all working to achieve some goal. No matter how big or small your partner’s goal is, it is important to support them! 

Relationships are give and take. This principle applies to more than just washing dishes or who’s family you will visit for Thanksgiving. This principle also applies to supporting one another. We offer support to our partners, and hopefully we receive that same support in return.

As someone who struggles to gain blog traffic, my fiance constantly shares my content on his personal account. As a woman who doubts how she is doing, my fiance consistently reminds me that I am doing great and that I am loved. In return, I ask my fiance how things are going at work. When he talks about Higher Education (his field, which I honestly do not know much about), I truly listen and ask engaging questions.

And that last sentence brings me to my next point. You may not be interested in what your partner is interested in, but they probably aren’t interested in your passions either. In fact, no one will ever be as invested in your passions or dreams as you are. However, you do not have to be interested in your partner’s passion to support them. Even if your partner’s passion seems very boring to you, it is important to be present and support their passion!

If you find yourself in a relationship where there is a lack of support, talk to your partner. Take a moment, unplug from whatever screens are in your home, and have an honest discussion about support. As a couple, it is important that you support one another in every way. When considering support, I imagine the idea of a cup. You need someone to pour into you. If you don’t have someone pouring into you, you are pouring yourself out until yo have nothing left. So, what happens when your cup is empty?

Find someone who will pour into your life and support you. If you don’t currently have that, don’t panic! Honest and open communication is essential to any relationship. Sit down and discuss this with your partner.

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