5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My Teenage Self

5 things to teenage self

As teenagers, we have absolutely no clue who we are. Adolescence is the time in which we seek to discover ourselves. However, it is also the time that we feel pressured by our peers and societal standards to behave a certain way. It is the time that we receive ridicule from people in our school, it is when we make mistakes, and it is one of the most confusing, yet exciting times of our lives.

As I reflect on who I was as a teenager and what I thought about life and myself, I considered what I would advice I would offer my teenage-self.

So, here is a list of 5 things I wish I could tell my teenage self.

Stop hiding who you are.

We can be so hyper-focused on what other people think of us that we begin to lose sight of who we are.

Speak up.

The fear of saying something stupid or judgement can be intimidating, but it is so important to speak up. We all have something to contribute to a conversation.

Do not hold your feelings inside.

It can be scary to be vulnerable with another person, but it is so important. If you have family or friends that you can trust, share your feelings or what you are struggling with. Holding your feelings inside creates more emotional pain.

Think before you act.

Oh, you think chugging that sugary alcoholic drink is a fun idea? Wrong! It is important to take a moment to consider what you are about to do. As teenagers, we are impulsive and sometimes hold the false belief that we are invincible. However, it is important to consider what an action can do to our relationships, mind, and body.

Invest in your future.

If you want to attend college, consider potential majors, start raising money for tuition, and take dual credit courses. If you want to begin work straight out of high school, consider how you can build your resume and which jobs you would be interested in.

Whatever you hope to do when you graduate, it is important to consider all of your options and start planning.

You may be young, but it is the time to begin investing in your future.

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