10 Ways To Live Your Life To The Fullest

An open letter to the single woman on valentine's Day

If you’re anything like me, you have days that pass by within the blink of an eye without anything memorable happening. You may experience these days and wonder how you can live each day to the fullest. Sure, you have a full-time job, you may be a full-time mom or dad, you may be a college student… I mean, you’ve definitely got a lot going on! So, how can you live your life to the fullest when you’re busy?

Although I am fairly young and feel as if I have plenty of life left to live, I still loathe the idea of wasting my days away. I want to live my life well. I want to make memories.

So, if you are trying to learn how to live each day to the fullest, you’re in luck! I’ve created a list of the top 10 ways you can live your life to the fullest.

1. Stop living for yesterday.

A big mistake that many of us make is living in the past. You may begin your Tuesday morning by reflecting on how horrible Monday was. You’ve got to cut that out! Stop focusing on what that girl at the gym said to you the night before or how your boss gave you a disapproving look the previous day. Instead, focus on what is ahead of you and concentrate all of your energy on making that day great!

2. Stop focusing on the “what if’s”.

Something that many of us do is focus on the “what if’s”. We consider what would have changed if we had said something back to that girl at the gym or if we had asked our boss about the disapproving look he/she gave us. But we have got to stop focusing on the “what if’s”. Once again, that causes us to live in the past.

Instead of “what if”, focus on “next time”.

3. Stop changing who you are for the sake of those around us.

Oh boy, I struggled with this concept for years! Many of us often find ourselves changing around various people. For example, when that super gorgeous women who appears to have it all together appears, you stop making that super weird joke and launch into a story about your yoga class (that may be a terrible example, but you get the point!).

We have to stop changing ourselves in a vain attempt to impress others. Be true to who you are, friends.

4. Stop putting life on hold.

I’m sure that you’ve heard this a thousand times (especially if you are a fan of Rachel Hollis), but we have got to stop putting our lives on hold. Instead of saying, “I’ll start tomorrow”, follow Rachel’s rule of thumb and “start today”!

Do you want to visit Hawaii? Start saving! Do you want to get that college degree? Apply!

Stop putting life on hold. Go out there and grab what you want!

5. Stop doubting your abilities.

Recently, I discovered a quote (I am unsure of who the author is) that has stuck with me. It was something like, “If people think you cannot do something, they are placing their personal limits on you”.

So, if you want that college degree, don’t doubt yourself simply because someone mentions that it is difficult to get accepted. Know what your abilities are and be strong in confidence!

6. Start making a list of your goals.

What do you want to achieve from life?

Some of the best advice that I can offer you is to sit down and write out a list of what you want in life. These goals can be small, short-term goals or big, long-term goals. The point is that these are your goals. These goals can be anything! But writing them down and being able to reference them on a particularly difficult day is extremely helpful.

7. Start working on an action plan.

Okay, so you have this list of goals for yourself and that’s great, but what now? Next, you need to create an action plan! How are you going to achieve these goals?

A good example is as follows: If you want to pass the national boards exam for nursing, choose a time each day and a particular amount of time (i.e. one hour) that you can study. And stick to it!

8. Start following through.

We all face hiccups and setbacks. You may want to lose 10 pounds, but eat two pieces of cake at a birthday party. In that moment, you might feel discouraged and say “screw it” to the entire goal. But you should not do that!

Setbacks are okay — they are normal. The setback isn’t what matters; what matters is how you respond to it.

9. Start setting boundaries.

If you desire to live your life to the fullest, you must learn how to set boundaries. You may set boundaries in a professional sense or in a personal sense. Personally, I believe that relationship-based boundaries are crucial.

10. Start building healthy relationships.

I’m sure you know how toxic some relationships can be. It’s important that you determine which relationships are unhealthy for you, and that you begin to build healthy relationships.

You need people in your life who will encourage you and applaud you during any of your successes.

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