A Picturesque Proposal

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“I want the ketchup fights, and the tickling, and the giggling.” -Michael Scott

March 2019

In March, a photographer messaged me on Facebook. She claimed that she wanted to trade services so that we could both get more online traffic. The offer was that she would give Jackson (my dog), Chris, and myself a free photoshoot in exchange for me writing a blog post about her services.

Obviously, I said yes! A free photoshoot in exchange for a blog post was the best deal that I had been offered in a long time. And if you know me at all, you know I’m obsessed with photos. Plus, she wanted to include my dog! The whole idea was perfect.

But remember the phrase: Everything isn’t always what it seems.

April 10, 2019

April 10th was the day we were scheduled to have our photos taken, and it was a beautiful day! It was in the mid-seventies and the sun was shining, so I was very pleased about that. Since we live in Kentucky, you never truly know what the weather is going to be. For example, last night the temperature was nearing the low eighties and today it was in the mid-forties (ha!).

I spent the morning at internship, and although my day wasn’t necessarily bad, I just felt frustrated by the end of it. On the drive home, I called Chris and expressed that I felt like I had a chip on my shoulder. For a moment, I didn’t even want to take pictures — I just wanted to go home and nap. But I pushed past all of my negative feelings (thank you, Jesus!).

When the photographer (who I will tag below so you can get photos done by her as well because she’s amazing!) arrived, Chris was just as curious as me about if the blue car we saw was actually her. When we officially met her, they both exchanged the usual pleasantries of people who don’t know one another. For the first half hour of our photo shoot, things were perfectly normal. We were taking adorable photos, sharing some laughs, and Jackson was actually looking at the camera for photos!

0007 Ariana Jordan Photo - Chris  Kelsi_.jpg

Eventually, we made our way up on a very small trail to a grassy area. The entire scene was absolutely beautiful! When we got to the correct area, the photographer said we would be doing a ‘double exposure’. So, she had us stand apart and walk towards each other, then walk away from each other. With our backs turned, Chris had begun to pull a ring out of his jacket pocket — I had no idea any of that was happening! When she said for us to turn around, I spun around to find Chris down on one knee with a ring extended out towards me.

“Are you serious?!” was the first thing that came out of my mouth. To say that this proposal was unexpected would not be enough. I genuinely believed that this was just a free photoshoot. I had no idea this was a surprise proposal — nothing had ever tipped me off.

He popped the question and I, obviously, said yes! The moments after he proposed were some of the best moments I had ever experienced. I felt my heart racing;  there was a rush of happiness, love, and excitement. For a few minutes afterwards, I kept asking questions and finding myself even more stunned.

0017 Ariana Jordan Photo - Chris  Kelsi_.jpg

Turns out, Chris had reached out to the photographer in March. The two of them had actually met before to scout out a location. They had been talking about how the proposal would happen, where it would be, what the keyword would be, etc. — the whole thing was planned!

My family knew. His family knew.

Everyone knew… except me!

All my life — as most young girls do — I had dreamed what my proposal would look like. I have to say that Chris truly outdone himself and exceeded my expectations!

The Photographer

Ariana Jordan Photography: Ariana takes great photos and has such a warm and funny personality! With her, you get great photos and a great time.

The Photos

0015 Ariana Jordan Photo - Chris  Kelsi_.jpg

0016 Ariana Jordan Photo - Chris  Kelsi_.jpg

0017 Ariana Jordan Photo - Chris Kelsi_

0030 Ariana Jordan Photo - Chris  Kelsi 8244.jpg

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