5 Ways To Stay Strong In Your Faith

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My faith in God has become a huge part of my life in recent years. For most of my life, I was a borderline Christian; I had one foot on God’s side and one foot on the world’s side. Being what I would refer to as a borderline Christian was very stressful.

Eventually, I completely surrender my life to God! My life didn’t get tremendously better in a physical sense because of this, but my life did get in an emotional and spiritual sense. For the first time in my life, I was never alone.

Since I want everyone, even current Christians, to always feel the love of Christ, I am going to share things I do to stay in touch with Jesus.


It is helpful to stay in touch with Jesus by volunteering. You can volunteer at your church, at a homeless shelter, or really anywhere that will accept volunteers. And the beautiful thing about volunteering is that there is something for everyone!

For example, I volunteer in three positions at my church and they are all unique. Two involve direct communication with members’ of my church and the other involves more behind the scenes work. So, no matter what, there is something for you!

Volunteering helps you encounter God’s children and instill hope inside of everyone that you meet.

Prepare your heart.

Going to church is great, but it’s important to prepare your heart for church. You may have heard people say this before, but I think it is very important.

When we begin viewing church as nothing more than something to check off our to-do list or a social gathering, we get less and less from the message. When you are on your way to church, take a moment to pray. Ask God to help you gain something from the message and truly pay attention while you are there.


Isn’t it sad that we can only go to church once a week? After church, we feel so great and fulfilled. But afterwards, we are thrown back into the world and things get tough again.

Something helpful to make it through the week is to listen to podcasts. Your church may have podcasts, other churches that you cannot physically attend may have them, or even some of your favorite speakers/authors may have them. And the beautiful thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them anywhere. Personally, I like to listen to them as I drive, but you can choose to do this at any time!


As a follower of Jesus, it is important to surround yourself with other believers. Yes, Christians are friends with those who are not followers of Jesus and that’s great, but we also need to be around those who are. We need to find people who can hold us accountable in our faith.

“For where two or there gather in my name, there I am with them.” Matthew 18:20

Read the Word.

A speaker at my church once said, “We need to stop viewing the Bible as a stale piece of bread when it is actually the bread of life,” and that truly spoke to me.

We can talk about Jesus, listen to podcasts, go to church, but we have to immerse ourselves in the Word. When we spend time in the Word, God speaks to us. He reveals Himself to us. Think of the Bible as God’s love letter to you!

Two helpful ways to make sure you are continuously in the Word are to set a reading goal for yourself and mark the dates in your Bible that you have read. Personally, I like writing the date. Doing this helps you keep track of how many days, or weeks, you go between readings.


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