7 Reasons Why Dating Your Best Friend Is Awesome


If you have read my ‘Trusting God’s Timing’, you know a bit about the story of how Chris and I started dating. If you haven’t read it, here’s the short version: We were best friends for nearly two years, went through a little of ups and downs together, went on a date just to see what it would be like, and now we have been together since late August 2018.

Super romantic, right? Well… maybe not too romantic in that condensed version, but regardless, it’s our story so I love it.

I have dated boys I only knew for a few weeks, I have dated boys I knew but was never friends with beforehand, I have dated boys who were family members of my friends, but this is the first time I have ever dated my best friend. Since many great guys get lost in the cursed friend zone, I wanted to share about the perks of dating your best friend!

You’ve already met their family.

Meeting your boyfriend’s family for the first time is scary. You desperately want to make a good impression and have a strong desire for them to look you – honestly, this experience can be very anxiety-provoking.

However, if you meet your friend’s family, it’s not stressful at all. So, when you date your best friend, a wonderful perk is that you’ve already met their family and you’ve probably already spent a considerable amount of time with them!

You already know each other’s flaws/bad habits.

The first few months in a new relationship, we lie. We want to present the best versions of ourselves, so we pretend like we have it more together than we truly do and we try to hide the things that we don’t like about ourselves.

But your best friend knows all of these things and loves you regardless. So, when you begin to date your best friend, you can literally be yourself because they already know all there is to know!

You’re comfortable with each other.

If you look kind of rough on a date, you’re comfortable.

If you just came from the gym and are super sweaty, neither of you will care.

And yes I am going to go there – you can go number two at their house without caring!

Basically, you’re so comfortable with one another that you can just be human. There is no need to put on a façade – you can be real.

They have seen you at your worst and they’re still with you.

Best friends are there for each other through literally everything.They have seen you ugly cry, they have seen you in your most embarrassing moments, they’ve heard you screaming and cursing, they’ve seen you throw things… they’ve seen it all. And guess what? They still love you!

If you date your best friend, you know that they truly care about you for who you are because they’ve seen you at your worst and they still want to be with you.

You know each other’s relationship histories/expectations.

A huge conversational topic between good friends is relationships. You share who you’ve dated, what it was like, how you’ve been dumped, and you also share what you desire in a relationship.

So, if you date your best friend, you already know all of these things! This can really help you create a strong, stable relationship.

You understand how to help each other emotionally.

Your best friend has been there when you didn’t get that job offer, when your friend hurt your feelings, when you got the wrong order at McDonald’s, and more. Your best friend has sat and ate ice cream with you at midnight, they’ve let you pour your heart out to them, they’ve picked you up for a late night drive… they just understand how to help you.

There isn’t the awkward getting-to-know you phase.

You already know each other! You’ve probably known each other for years.

No awkward silences.

No figuring out what they like to do, eat, drink, etc.

None of it.


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