Be Thank{FULL}

Be ThankFULL

Friends, it is officially November! I’m not sure about you, but November is one of my favorite months. Why, you ask? Well, let me tell you!

First, November is full of good food.I mean, Thanksgiving occurs during this month. Personally, I don’t think there is much else greater on this earth than Thanksgiving – well, aside from Christmas! Turkey, ham, and a mountain of desserts… what more could you want? Okay, I know I set myself up on that one – you would also want presents. Christmas, duh. It always wins.

However, November is full of magic as well!

Good food doesn’t cover the beauty of this entire month. Two years ago, my family woke up to an odd smell in our home. When we uncovered the turkey that had been left overnight in the slow cooker, we realized that it was ruined. The turkey must’ve been bad when we purchased it, but we hadn’t realized it until we started cooking and that odor spread throughout the house. My mom’s dog wouldn’t even eat the turkey. If a dog won’t eat food, it’s pretty bad! So, for a moment, we all thought Thanksgiving was ruined. I mean, turkey is the main ingredient in Thanksgiving, right? Wrong. Although we didn’t have the main dish, our day was still full of love and laughter with our family and friends.

Love and laughter. Friends, I pray that each of you has someone to spend your holidays with. I pray that someone you know opens their home to you, or that you open your home to someone else. The month of November, for me, places such an emphasis on family and friends. This is a season where we recognize those people in our lives who love us and support us. This is the season of giving.

On that same Thanksgiving I previously discussed, I invited two of my friends from college to spend the holiday with my family. Having more than just family around was wonder{full}. It provided room for so much more love and many more memories to be created.

You know what? Even though that turkey was ruined on Thanksgiving Day and we didn’t have time to get another one, our day was still filled with gratitude and thankfulness.

November is the season for reflecting on what you are thankful for. One year, I posted on Facebook one thing that I was thankful for each day in November. Full disclosure: I only remembered doing this because it popped up on my Facebook memories today! However, it motivated me to bring that idea back into play again this year.

Like I said, November is a season for thankfulness and gratitude. So, friends, will you join me? Each day, let’s share one thing that we are grateful for!

Follow my Instagram account to stay current on what I am thankful for. Let’s get this trending! An entire season of thankfulness could unleash so much love and gratefulness into our hearts. When you make your posts, use the hashtag #30DaysofThankfulness.

Let’s make the most of the month of November, friends! Let’s unleash a revolution of gratitude and of love in our communities.

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