Animal Tales

If you follow my Instagram account for this blog, you know that I make a post each week for #WhyAdoptWednesday. If you don’t follow my Instagram account, what are you waiting for? Go follow me! Anyways, each #WhyAdoptWednesday post is usually centered around my rescue dog, Jackson. Each week I have posted an adorable photo of my big-eared mutt and shared a reason why you should adopt a pet.

This past week I considered how amazing it would be to share stories of other people and their pets. Bearing that thought in mind, I made a post and asked people to send me photos of their pets with a story attached. This blog post is dedicated to the pets and owners who submitted stories to me!

Insert Law & Order Theme music: “These are their stories”.



“Three years ago this month, this little dog came walking up the highway, alone and very scared. I was sitting in my porch swing hopefully thinking, “She’ll come up here”. Then my daughter got home (the oldest daughter; not my blogging queen), and once she seen this dog she took off calling for it. Without hesitation she came to my oldest daughter, Nicole, barking in a way to let me know I was not welcome. My last dog, a Jack Russel, had been killed by some neighborhood dogs so deep down I thought about how I didn’t want anymore dogs. But she came, decided to stay, and now she is my baby. I couldn’t be happier.” -Virgie Noble

Huck Finn


“My husband and I moved our family to Georgetown, KY in May of 2013. The move was especially hard for me because I had no family or friends to take my mind off the move and it left me feeling very sad, lonely, and overall extremely homesick. The next spring in April 2014, my husband told me that we should get a puppy and I readily agreed. Even thought I had never house-trained a puppy before, I was up to the challenge because I was still struggling emotionally.

While skimming, I came across the most precious dog I had ever seen, and he was available for adoption through Camp Jean. A few days later we met Jean at the Kentucky Horse Park and within five minutes we were heading home with Huck Finn. Huck was born in February and we were told that he had the worst case of intestinal worms that the vet had ever seen. He went through two rounds of shots, including Parvo, and a lot of vet care before he was put up for adoption. He was the miracle I needed during a difficult time.

I truly feel that it was meant for Huck to be a survivor. I didn’t rescue him; he rescued me. He brought me out of the social anxiety I had developed over the last year and was keeping me on my toes while my husband and daughter were away from home. Huck and I have been through a lot together, and I have never loved a dog as much as I love him. He is truly part of our family now and I never want to imagine our lives without him.

Pets will be your best friend when you feel like you don’t have anyone else to turn to. Just need to lay in bed and cry? Your pet will be there. If you’re sick, they’re going to snuggle with you. No matter what, if you show them love, they will love you unconditionally in return. Huck has comforted not only me, but my entire family through a lot of life’s hardships. If anyone is considering pet adoption, please adopt!” -Loria Colwell

Whiskey Hummer


“My pawrents were looking for a puppy to give to their hoomin kids for Christmas. Unfortunately they live in Ventura, CA and at the time of their search, the Thomas fire was blazing through the city. So my mom couldn’t just adopt a puppy from the shelters because the shelters didn’t know if the animals coming were already owned. So my Mom drove two hours away to meet my siblings and I. When we all came out of the pen, I ran right up to my Mom like I was waiting for her to take me home. It was love at first sight! It’s been almost a year with my humans and my Mom still talks to the human that has my doggie Mom and doggie Dad. Hope you enjoyed my story!” –whiskeydoghummer

Zola and Sassy


“Here are my two fur babies. One is 15 years old and sassy all the way. I got her my junior year of college when she was six weeks old. We have lived in three different states together — we have moved seven times. The other is 5 years old and I’ve had her since she was six weeks old as well. She has major anxiety and is attached to me. I can’t go anywhere without her by my side. Love them both like they were my kids :)” –Jesus_n_jen_r_one 


I hope you enjoyed reading these wonder{full} stories that have been submitted to me! If you have a great story about your pet (and no, I am not biased against cats), please send it to me. I would love to feature your fur baby as well!

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