Stop Waiting

now is the time

“Don’t live the same year 75 times and call it a life.” – Robin Sharma

Do you ever just sit around and dream? We all do it. We dream about places we want to go, activities we want to do, events we want to participate in, and even who we want to become. I’m sure we all have a list that could run a mile long!

However, let me ask you this question: have you tried to do any of these things?

I have noticed that a lot of people around me, including myself, tend to make excuses. We create reasons why we cannot do something. We tell ourselves that we aren’t capable of being the person we want to be just yet. Of course, I understand that sometimes this is true. Sometimes we do not have enough financial stability to take a trip or go to an event, sometimes we do not have people who are available to go with us, sometimes… well, I could keep going with this list. You may ask yourself what kind of list I was trying to make. Some of you may firmly believe that it was purely a list of good reasons why we cannot something, but it is actually a list of excuses. Granted, some excuses are understandable and truly do prevent us from doing things, but most of the time, they are simply excuses.

Thus, the question becomes: why do we make excuses?

Why don’t we go out and live our lives? Why don’t we go see those places, do that thing, meet those people?

I don’t have all of the answers to these questions. Like I mentioned, I have found myself making excuses for things too. However, I do know that there is one thing we can do: Stop waiting.

Stop waiting for Friday.

Stop waiting for summer.

Stop waiting for someone to fall in love with you.

Stop waiting for happiness.

Stop waiting to live your life. 

When your life inevitably flashes before your eyes, what do you want to see? You do not want to see yourself living the same year 75 times, as Robin Sharma says. You want to see  that your life is full of experiences, full of love, full of adventure, full of friendship… basically, you want to see that your life has been full.

We all have the power to embrace a wonderful life. We can start being the person we want to be todayAll we have to do is try. We simply have to find our starting point and not give up.

Fill your life with experiences and have stories to tell.

2 thoughts on “Stop Waiting

  1. I think we make excuses because we are afraid of commitment. We’re afraid to be pushed out of our comfort zone. I’ve noticed a lot of people, including myself in the past, holding on to negative habits, positive habits, or no habits at all because that’s the identity people are used to.


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