It Does End

matthew 28 20

Recently, I have been exploring various blog accounts and reading some of their posts. I found an individual whose posts I particularly enjoyed so I followed her. However, I hadn’t been following her for long when she completely lost me. I will not be explicit or tell who this blogger is, but she made a post that was utterly negative, explaining that no one can save you and asking what makes certain people so precious to God. She also asked if you really believe that He will save you, but not everyone else.

At first, I felt angry that someone would put such negativity into the world. If someone were in a tough spot emotionally and read that post, it could easily push them over the edge. I do not agree with promoting such negativity. But it didn’t take long before I wanted to hug that poor girl and tell her that it will all actually be okay. When I took the time to attempt to understand what she must have been feeling when she wrote that post, I began to understand that her mind had ventured into a dark and lonely place. She needed someone to tell her that it does end.

I’m writing this blog post because I don’t want anyone out there to think that the situation you are in is never going to end. I promise you that it will get better. When you start to feel down about something, try asking yourself a question: will this matter in one year? Or you can even ask yourself if it is going to matter in one week. Odds are that it won’t. And if you actually answer that question with ‘yes’, I want to share a little bit of information that will hopefully help you.

The lady who made that blog post questioned why one person could be so precious that God would save them, but not others. This question cannot be accurately answered because we are all precious to God.

Whether you are Christian, Atheist, Muslim, or another religion, Jesus died on the cross for you. He was beaten, wore a crown of thorns, nailed to a cross, and speared in the side for you. He shed his blood and gave his life to save us from ourselves – to save us from the sins that we would ultimately commit. Therefore, the question cannot be posed about what makes certain people precious to God, simply because we are all precious to God!

Next, she questioned why you would think that God would save you, but not everyone else. The truth is that God saves everyone. You may not feel like it at times, but He loves you. In your darkest moments, He loves you. He is always there waiting, ready to hear us when we cry out to Him! And I know that sometimes when you pray, it feels like you haven’t been answered. Things may persist as they have been for some time, but it’s important to remember that at a certain point we have to relinquish our control. We have to trust in God’s plan and know that He is wiser than us and that He only plans good things for us. Sometimes it can help to literally say, “God, I cannot control this. I give it all to you”.


God won’t abandon you. He will not bring you to a tough situation and leave you. Even if you feel like He has, believe me when I say that He is always there with you. Matthew 28:20 says, “And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age”. Deuteronomy 31:6 reads, “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid, for the Lord your God goes with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you”.  All throughout scripture God tells us that He is with us and that we need only to trust in Him.

If you are currently feeling lost and in need of someone to save you, know that someone already has saved you. Jesus saved you. He saved all of us. You may be feeling down right now, and I understand how that emotional pain can cause your mind to drift into dark places, but please remember that what you’re experiencing will get better. And as always if you need someone to talk with, visit my ‘Contact’ page.

During those tough times remember: it does end.

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