Welcome to Coffee With Kels. On my site, you will find ways to handle the stresses that life throws at you, how to grow in your faith, and the opportunity to take a break from reality by checking out my book reviews and jumping into a different world with a new novel. Launched in 2018 as a community for lovers of all things Jesus who have a desire to enjoy life, rather than merely living it, this site is the perfect place to find support and encouragement.

If you love Jesus, honest conversations, and of course, books, you will feel right at home here! Here you will find an amazing community of Christ-followers who will support you through any and every life journey. We are all on a journey. I am learning along the way with you too!

Speaking of myself, why did I decide to start this blog? I have always written in a journal about things that occur in my life and the thoughts that I have, but before beginning this blog, I’d never had a platform to share these thoughts on. One day, God planted the seed in my mind to create this blog so that I could share my thoughts and beliefs with others. He planted a seed to begin establishing a community where followers of Jesus could get together to grow and have a little fun!

So, who am I? Well, I am a twenty-five year old mental health counselor from eastern Kentucky, wife to an eccentric man, dog mom to a rescue and a Golden Doodle, and aspiring writer. I have always had an interest in reading and writing, but I developed a true passion for it… oh, this is embarrassing. I developed my true passion for sharing stories and ideas after reading Stephanie Meyers’ Twilight when I was like twelve years old. There was something about the way she made a story come to life that sparked something deep inside. I began writing stories and writing in a journal – doing anything I could to write, really. As life progressed and I continued this process, I began to grow deeper in faith and develop a true relationship with God. I also began my journey of becoming a mental health counselor. With newfound faith and knowledge, my passion for writing found a purpose too. And thus, I created Coffee With Kels.

If you stuck around to read all of this, THANK YOU! And I hope that you will become a part of this community. Because that’s the whole point of this blog – community.

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